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Webinar of Polemic on Issue of Leniency in Sentence Demand for Criminal Offender of Novel Baswedan

Juridical Council of International Program (JCI) Faculty of Law Universitas Islam Indonesia held Webinar with the theme: Polemic on Issue of Leniency in Sentence Demand for Criminal Offender of Novel Baswedan, on Saturday, (27/06/2020). This webinar is for the response toward sentence demand by the public prosecutor on the case of first degree aggravated assault […]


International Seminar related to Responding the COVID-19 from Multi-perspective, in Collaboration with BILALS

Since the World Health Organization (WHO) announced its pandemic status on 11 March 2020, Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) has become a major challenge that must be addressed and resolved by all countries in the world. The rapid spread and distributed of this virus has led to the death of a large number of infected victims. […]


Innalillahi wa inna Illaihi raji’un In the middle of pandemic outbreaks, the entire Civitas Academia of the Faculty of Law Universitas Islam Indonesia mourned the death of one of our alumnae. Anang Eko Priyono, well known as AE Priyono, has back to Allah. AE Priyono was former student of Faculty of Law UII. An honourable […]


Mitigation of COVID-19, Faculty of Law UII Held Zoom Tutorial Workshop for Lecturers

The spread of pandemic decease, COVID-19, enforce all public and private sectors to prevent meetup and contact of mass people or public activity as well as Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII). As follow the Rector Circular Number 1048/Rek/10/SP/III/2020, all regular class are conducted by using online platforms. The online learning is now extended to 7th June […]

Welcoming Back Credit Transfer Program Participants to IIUM and YsU

The Undergraduate Study Program in Law, Faculty of Law, Universitas Islam Indonesia has celebrated a welcoming ceremony for the Credit Transfer Program Participants 2019-2020 to IIUM, Malaysia and Youngsan University, South Korea. The event was held on Monday, 27th of January 2020 in Room TS/III.8 Tamansiswa Campus. The 10 participants shared their experience during the […]

FH UII sends 3 Students to Participate in the Global Collaboration Program in South Korea

Three Students of the Faculty of Law of the Islamic University of Indonesia successfully passed to take part in the Global Collaboration Program organized by the University of Youngsan, South Korea. This program will be carried out from 3 to 18 January 2020. For approximately 2 weeks participants from various parts of the world will […]

Tugas HHI kelas A

Kepada Yth. Mahasiswa yang mengambil MK Hukum dan Hubungan Internasional kelas A silahkan kerjakan kasus berikut dan jawab pertanyaannya. Dikarenakan google classroom belum terkoneksi dengan akun Bapak Dodik Setiawan, PhD, maka dipersilahkan mengumpulkan tugas ini menggunakan kertas responsi. Bagi yang mengerjakan mendapatkan nilai tugas dan dianggap hadir kuliah. Bacalah deskripsi kasus berikut ini: Meningkatnya persaingan […]