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FH UII sends 3 Students to Participate in the Global Collaboration Program in South Korea

Three Students of the Faculty of Law of the Islamic University of Indonesia successfully passed to take part in the Global Collaboration Program organized by the University of Youngsan, South Korea. This program will be carried out from 3 to 18 January 2020. For approximately 2 weeks participants from various parts of the world will […]

Tugas HHI kelas A

Kepada Yth. Mahasiswa yang mengambil MK Hukum dan Hubungan Internasional kelas A silahkan kerjakan kasus berikut dan jawab pertanyaannya. Dikarenakan google classroom belum terkoneksi dengan akun Bapak Dodik Setiawan, PhD, maka dipersilahkan mengumpulkan tugas ini menggunakan kertas responsi. Bagi yang mengerjakan mendapatkan nilai tugas dan dianggap hadir kuliah. Bacalah deskripsi kasus berikut ini: Meningkatnya persaingan […]

Digital Literacies Workshop: Social Media Can Support the Professional World

The Faculty of Law of the Universitas Islam Indonesia (FH UII) held a Workshop on Digital Literacies in Legal Education on Monday (December 2nd, 2019). The Workshop program was filled by speakers from FH UII internally an At least, this workshop was attended by around 50 participants who were lecturers, teaching staff, academic staff, and […]


Recruitment for Participants Global Collaboration Program at Youngsan University, South Korea

The Faculty of Law of UII in collaboration with Youngsan University held the Global Collaboration Program (3-18 January 2019) in Busan, South Korea. For students who are interested in participating in this activity please register at the link: http://bit.ly/partialScholarshipFHUII     Registration deadline: November 27th, 2019 at 13.00 pm For those who are selected/pass the […]

Faculty of Law UII Holds Visiting Professor from Australia

The Faculty of Law of the Universitas Islam Indonesia (FH UII) once again held international scale activities. This time, FH UII invited Professor Andrew Mitchell from the University of Melbourne, to come to Yogyakarta. Prof. Andrew came at the invitation of FH UII. According to the Secretary of the International Undergraduate Program, Dodik Setiawan Nur […]

Yuwan Zaghlul Ismail Successfully Presented the Indonesia’s Environmental Roadmap on Sustainable Development Goals at Environmental Law Conference 2019 in IIUM, Malaysia

Enviromental law Conference 2019 is an annual Routine activity held by Civil Law Department of Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyah of Law (AIKOL) of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM),  This event was organized directly by a professor of environmental law who is also a lecturer in environmental law in AIKOL, this event aims to increase student awareness […]


First Batch of English Workshop for Lecturers

Demonstrating a true commitment to the International Program’s goal of, “Nurturing Innovative Global Leaders,” a group of lecturers in the Law Faculty’s international program contributed to a successful workshop on creating a truly international environment for legal study. The workshop, titled, “The Global Classroom,” challenged these lecturers to not only focus using the English language […]

The Faculty of Law of UII is co-hosted The 1st Borobudur International Symposium 2019

The Faculty of Law of the Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) in collaboration with the Universitas Muhammadiya Magelang (UM Magelang) held an International Symposium entitled The 1st Borobudur International Symposium 2019 (BIS 2019), on Wednesday, October 16, 2019. Located in the Ballroom of the Grand Artos Hotel & Convention, Magelang, the Symposium is divided into two […]

Students Colloquium 2019: the Role of Students in the Digital Era

The Faculty of Law of the Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) held an International Student Colloquium (ISC) on Saturday, October 12, 2019. The ISC event with the theme Student’s Role in Law and Political Discourse: Digital Era Perspective was attended by four speakers, four presenters, and around 100 students. The event was the result of collaboration […]