Faculty of Law Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) becoming a co-host on The International Conference on Environmental and Technology of Law, Business and Education on Post Covid 19 – 2020 (ICETLAWBE 2020), Saturday (26 September 2020). The event was held at Ruang Sidang Utama 3rd Floor, Muh. Yamin Building, Faculty of Law UII, and broadcasted online via Zoom with other universities co-host of ICETLAWBE 2020. The event was opened by Vice Dean of Human Resource, Associated Professor Hanafi Amrani, SH., MH., LLM., Ph.D.

During his opening speech, Hanafi Amrani, appreciate the performance of ICETLAWBE 2020. According to him, this agenda has the same vision with UII, that UII refuse to stop achieving research during pandemic. “Pandemic condition is not barrier to us to do research and spread our ideas”, said Hanafi.

Faculty of Law UII presented seven papers on ICETLAWBE 2020. The first paper presented by Chritopher M. Cason, JD. entitled Fighting Corruption through the Federal System: Independence as the Key to Corruption Eradication. Second paper was presented by Dodik Setiawan N. Heriyanto, SH., MH., LLM., Ph.D., entitled Diplomatic as One of the Alternatives to Returning Corruption Assets Abroad. The third paper presented by Hanafi Amrani, SH., MH., LLM., Ph.D., entitled Criminal Policy on Environmental Crimes: Indonesia’s Perspective. The fourth paper presented by Bagya Agung Prabowo, SH., MH., Ph.D., entitled the Implementation of Sharia Compliance in the Dropshipping Buying and Selling Scheme During the Pandemic Covid-19 in Indonesia. The fifth was presented via video stream by Dr. Mahrus Ali, SH., MH., entitled Strict Liability for Environmental Offense. The sixth paper presented by Dr. Abdul Jamil, SH., MH., entitled Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Award of National Sharia Arbitration Board (Basyarnas) Aboard. The last paper presented by Jamaludin Ghafur, SH., MH., entitled Constitutionalization of the Political Party: Impressions of Indonesia.

The ICETLAWBE 2020 was hosted by Universitas Lampung, Universitas Teknologi Mara, Asia E University, and STEBI Lampung. Faculty of Law UII has become one of co-host during this event, together with other co-host such as Universitas Dian Nusantara, Universitas Diponegoro, and others. This event conducted live streaming via zoom from more than ten different campus as host and co-host. This event on Faculty of Law UII was moderated by Dodik Setiawan N. Heriyanto, SH., MH., LLM., Ph.D., and Haekal Al Asyari, SH., LLM.

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