Youngsan University held a graduation ceremony for the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Program even semester of the 2018/2019 academic year last Friday (8/23/2019) at the main Auditorium of the M Building South Korea’s Busan Heundae Campus.
This event is a graduation ceremony with a total of 230 graduates from various study programs both from undergraduate to doctoral programs, namely 9 doctoral program graduates, 20 master program graduates and 201 graduates for undergraduate programs.
Among the graduates were foreign students from outside South Korea such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, China and several other countries. Among the graduates from Indonesia, there were 3 double degree students in the jurisprudence of the Islamic University of Indonesia batch 3. The three UII students were Dhita Rahma Yanuari (Student Number: 17912009), Rahayu Saraswati Herlambang (Student Number: 17912024), and Intan Griya Purnamasari (Student Number: 17912009), successfully completed his studies at Youngsan University and earned an LLM degree with cum laude with a perfect GPA of 4.50.
The double degree program held by the Postgraduate Law Study Program at UII and Youngsan University which has been running for 3 years is expected to continue, this is because in a short time the students achieve two legal degrees at once, so that they are expected to be able to produce qualified and skilled graduates. global.

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