Demonstrating a true commitment to the International Program’s goal of, “Nurturing Innovative Global Leaders,” a group of lecturers in the Law Faculty’s international program contributed to a successful workshop on creating a truly international environment for legal study.

The workshop, titled, “The Global Classroom,” challenged these lecturers to not only focus using the English language as the language of instruction, but to also expand their repertoire of pedagogy.  The seminar focused on the unique aspects of legal English as well as better integrating problem-based and case study instruction into their curriculum.     The group practiced the Socratic method of instruction, which uses questions to elicit critical thinking and interaction with students.  The participants in the workshop recognized the importance of nurturing these skills as the next generation faces the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and understands the importance of the IRAC legal analysis.

On the second day of the workshop, each participating lecturer showcased their skills by offering a microteaching session based on their particular area of law.  The microteaching sessions, exclusively in English were impressive and demonstrated the groups commitment to the state goal of a truly international learning environment.

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