Mayor of Surabaya, Tri Risma Harini meets and talks with our students in Busan

September 29, 2019 – the very famous Mayor of Surabaya, Madam Tri Risma Harini visited Busan, South Korea for the agenda of 25th Anniversary of Sister City Relations Surabaya-Busan. This is her second trip after attending the United Nations Conference at New York. One day before the Sister city event, she held discussion with Indonesian citizens at Busan Indonesian Center. At the same time, she receives the award of “warga kehormatan Kota Busan” or “Honorary Citizen of Busan City” in the commemoration of the 25th cooperation of sister city between Busan and Surabaya.

The topic of the discussion is related with the development of Surabaya during her period of leadership which focuses on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals proposed by United Nations. She explained in regards with the obstacle and the opportunity had by Indonesia especially Surabaya. The other things that were explained by her including how to be a good and responsible leader based on her perspective. “To be a good leader you should not only focus on fulfilling your ego, instead your priority is your own people. I won’t let even one person in Surabaya starving for a day” she said.

5 students from Universitas Islam Indonesia, Alif M. Gultom, M. Oscar Dharma, Maghfira D. Diyaana Putri, S. Rofifah Yuliyani, Aluf R. Rabbah attended the discussion. They are currently undertaking the credit transfer program at Youngsan University, Busan, South Korea for 1 semester. They said it was a dream come true meeting Bu Risma in person and they got a lot of advice on how to be a leader for yourself and the others

Let us hope that by this event, we can implement the good values from the Honorouble Mayor of Surabaya, Madam Risma.




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