On 5th of January 2019, the Central of Education and Legal Training Centre organized a specific workshop with the topic of “A Review of the Internship Program of the Faculty of Law, UII”. The workshop held at Grand Inna Malioboro Hotel with the full-day meeting.

“We understand well that our internship program must be reviewed since we started this program for the first time at this semester. We do hope that this meeting could propose major revision on our model.” said the Dean of the Faculty of Law UII at the opening speech.

Dr. Budi Agus Riswandhi, SH, MHum as the Head of the Study Program elaborated the ideal model of the internship program. “But this ideal model takes time to adopt at our current program. As the priority, we must have new course specification and syllabus as the based documents of the program. The guidebook for students must also be specifically based on the specific legal profession. The most important thing is that all those elaborations must be based on the currently expected learning outcomes” explained Head of the Studi Program Faculty of Law UII.

“Previously, we conducted a field study to Faculty of Law Universitas Negeri Sebelas Maret and Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang. Those two law schools have been opening the internship program for more than 5 (five) years. We can also use their good practices as a reference to our internship model.” explained Nurjihad, SH, MH as the chair of the second session.

The workshop was ended with the result of three important draft documents: syllabus, course specification, and marking guideline. The draft would be legalized by the study programme and being used as the new guideline of the internship program.