The Faculty of Law of the Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) held an International Student Colloquium (ISC) on Saturday, October 12, 2019. The ISC event with the theme Student’s Role in Law and Political Discourse: Digital Era Perspective was attended by four speakers, four presenters, and around 100 students. The event was the result of collaboration between the Judicial Council of International Program (JCI) and the International Undergraduate Program Faculty of Law UII.

There are several interesting happens in the ISC. First, the event was officially opened by Dodik Setiawan Nur Heriyanto SH. MH., L.LM., Ph.D. through video shows. This happened because there was a parents meeting of new student who had to be attended by all faculty leaders. n the five-minute video, Dodik Setiawan expressed his apology for not being able to open the event directly.

Second, ISC speakers are students from across countries. The keynote speaker was Professor Christopher Cason, B.A., J.D. who is an alumnae of the University of Washington. Professor Cason gave his presentation about the role of law students as future leaders. Besides Professor Cason, there were two other speakers, Nur Gemilang Mahardhika, SH, LLM, alumnae from the Post Graduate University of Melbourne, and Fasya Addina, SH, cLLM, students of New York University. Nur Gemilang delivered her scientific material on “Liberalized Students, in Liberalized Education System”. While Fasya delivered scientific material on international humanitarian law.

Third, Fasya delivered his presentation in a video taken directly from the United States, which was recorded the day before the ISC. Fasya who is currently studying in the United States cannot attend directly at ISC. According to Dodik Setiawan, as the committee as well as the Secretary of the Undergraduate Program Faculty of Law UII, the material that was intended to be delivered by Fasya was planned to be done directly from the United States via Skype, but was cancelled due to other activities that Fasya could not leave behind.

Fourth, there were four speakers whose papers were contested in the ISC. The four speakers then presented their papers in front of the participants. The results of the paper and presentation were then assessed by Dodik Setiawan and Professor Cason as the jury. From the four speakers, the best paper and best presentation categories were taken, each of which received a prize from faculty.

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