The Undergraduate Study Program in Law, Faculty of Law, Universitas Islam Indonesia has celebrated a welcoming ceremony for the Credit Transfer Program Participants 2019-2020 to IIUM, Malaysia and Youngsan University, South Korea. The event was held on Monday, 27th of January 2020 in Room TS/III.8 Tamansiswa Campus. The 10 participants shared their experience during the short semester study at the foreign universities. “We really enjoyed our study in Malaysia. Teachers treated us very well. We also learned specifically the Malaysian legal system.” said Yuwan Zaghlul Ismail, one of the participants.

“The Study Program really appreciates the courage of the students and their academic achievement. We also received good feedback from our partner that our students could able to show that they could study well with very active communication skills and good behavior. This really affects a good reputation for our university.” said Dr. Budi Agus Riswandi, the Head of the Undergraduate Study Program.

The next program, UII will not only send their students to Malaysia and South Korea, but also to the University of Western Australia – in response with the previous signing MoA with the Australian partner.

Enviromental law Conference 2019 is an annual Routine activity held by Civil Law Department of Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyah of Law (AIKOL) of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM),  This event was organized directly by a professor of environmental law who is also a lecturer in environmental law in AIKOL, this event aims to increase student awareness of the importance of protecting the environment and also to increase student awareness of the environment, this event focuses on the topic Sustainable Development Goals. Each speaker explained several aspects of the SDGs and also some of the applications and strategies to achieve the SDGs themselves, this event was opened by the Dean of AIKOL, Prof. Dr. Farid Sufian, he also shared some material related to SDGs, in this event the one who acted as the keynote speaker was Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maizatun Mustafa, who is an expert and consultant in the field of environmental law.

The conference also discussed the role of students and universities in achieving some of the goals of the SDGs, this conference was attended by six speakers from three countries, of which two were from Indonesia, two were from Malaysia, and 2 were from Maldives.

First three speaker focused more on conciliation about how  each country of each speaker reached the SDGs which was related to strategy, commitment and so on, final three speakers focused on the role of students and universities in the Sustainable Development Goals, Yuwan Zaghlul Ismail as Universitas Islam Indonesia representative was assigned to be the first speaker which Yuwan successfully presented it titled Indonesia Roadmap on SDGs and Environmental Targets. Which here, Yuwan at the same time became a representative of Indonesia in explaining some important issues related to Indonesia’s strategy, and also Indonesia’s commitment to achieving SDGS itself, Yuwan who is also participating in the credit transfer program was successfuly became a representative of the Universitas Islam Indonesia  in the annual conference of environmental law, Yuwan is committed to continuing to be able to carry the fragrant Universitas Islam Indonesia  name on the world stage. (Ywn)

On 11 September 2019, the Faculty of Law of Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) dispatched five of its students to take part in the Credit Transfer Program at Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Law International Islamic University Malaysia (AIKOL IIUM). The five students who were dispatched to join this program were Yuwan Zaghlul Ismail, Brian Rahman Hakim, Faradisa Hadiaty, Rifqi Ananda Gelora Sitompul, dan Rizki Iman Faiz Pratama. The group was delivered directly by the Head of the Study Program Faculty of law UII, Dr. Budi Agus Riswandi S.H., M.H., and Secretary of International Program of the Faculty of Law, Dodik Setiawan Nur Herianto S.H., M.H., LL.M., Ph.d. This Credit Transfer Program to Malaysia is the first program held by FH UII.

These five students have passed various stages of internal and external tests. The stages of internal tests are held by FH UII in the form of file or document selection, which includes: TOEFL certificate, GPA Transcript, Passport, and also along with a Recommendation Letter from the lecturer. After passing through the administration phase, these students must take an interview in English. After that, these students must apply the online application on the IIUM website for external selection by the International Office of IIUM. Only after passing the long selection, in the middle of August, the five students were declared eligible to run the program at AIKOL IIUM.

This program is a credit transfer program. Later these students will still study at AIKOL IIUM for one semester. The courses taken there will be transferred to courses at FH UII. “This is a very beneficial program for students, where they can learn the system and concept of law in Malaysia which has a different base from Indonesia. So that later these students can compare concepts in Indonesia and Malaysia, “said Yuwan. These students take six courses at AIKOL IIUM where one subject is three credits. This is the maximum amount a student can take there.

This program is fully supported by all facets of the Faculty of Law UII. The support includes administration fees until departure. “Everything is supported by the Islamic University of Indonesia, from the cost of obtaining Visa, Visa accommodation costs, insurance, medical check-up, plane tickets, and housing, with the aim of all these students can carry the name UII fragrant in the international arena”, added Yuwan. (Ywn/FHUII).