Tuesday, October 2, 2018 located in the Third Floor Main Auditorium Room of the Post-Graduate Campus of the Faculty of Law UII was held a General Lecture with the theme “Constitutional Court and The Protection Citizens’ Constitutional Rights” by presenting speakers Prof. Dr. Aswanto.S.H., M.H., DFM, Deputy Chief of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia and Tan Sri Zainun Binti Ali Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Malaysia.

This Generale Lecture is a form of synergy between the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia and the Islamic University of Indonesia. On this occasion, Rector of the Indonesian Islamic University Fathul Wahid, ST, M.Sc., Ph.D attended and gave his welcoming speech to all participants of the Generale Lecture, “We (UII) really welcomed upon this kind of activities, it is hoped that this synergy is not only stopped here but it can be continue to be developed in the future in order to provide broad insight and knowledge related to the legal practices that apply in Indonesia, “said the Rector of UII.

Furthermore, representatives from the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia also gave his welcoming speech and formally open the Generale Lecture. In his speech, Dr. Wiryanto, S.H., M.Hum, who acted as Head of the Center for Research and Assessment of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia said that “We are very grateful to UII for being able to work together to hold a Generale Lecture today”.

In this General Lecture, the moderator was Dodik Setiawan Nur Heriyanto S.H., M.H., L.LM., Ph.D. In this event, Prof. Dr. Aswanto.S.H., M.H., DFM provided material on “Duties and Authorities of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia”, in his presentation he explained that “The duties and authorities that we carry were easy but the responsibilities is really heavy”. The next speaker, Tan Sri Zainun Binti Ali, presented the theme of the presentation related to “Protection of Constitutional Rights of Citizens”, in her explanation she explained about the two cases that she handled at Federal Court Malaysia, the cases of Indira Ghandi and Kalimah Allah.

The event which took place from 09.00 – 12.00 was attended by several lecturers, undergraduate and postgraduate students in which totaling approximately 100 participants. This Generale Lecture was broadcast live via Video Conference in 42 Law Faculties throughout Indonesia. The event ended with an interactive question and answer session from the participants whose present directly at the Main Auditorium of the Postgraduate Graduate School of UII or through Video Conference.